Thursday, 1 September 2016

Screen Shot

Hi Traders,

Happy 1st of September or Spring day for us the Southern Hemisphere!

I have not updated my Blog in yonks. Sorry for that! 
I really hate admin from keeping records of trades for tax to keeping track of expenses for tax to uploading a single picture, yip I am that anti-admin.

Life is great & God is great. Lets celebrate!!!

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Keep in mind that I have been trying to convert my system into an EA but it has gone more along the lines of a small disaster.
Also had an issue with the service provider & broker logging me out the entire time from the service that updates my trades, but I am sure that has been resolved now.

Going to attach a screen shot of what I see on a daily basis. I have moved away from the 15M charts to focus more on the 1H charts, I feel it gives me more personal freedom & time to take trades. Less rushed than the 15M trades. Must be my old age.

Trading is not difficult. All it takes is practice & confidence.