Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Forex Systems!

Hello Folks!

I have decided that I will make my 4 systems available at a small fee, due to many people asking me to show them how I do it, I don't do "live coaching".

BUT I currently have one student. He will be my test piggy. If it is a success then I will take more students. Make it a weekend thing, maybe even try it thru Skype? 
BUT for the time being if you would like my systems then email me on

2 Systems focused on the Hourly bars & 2 Systems focused on the 15 minute bars.
We take 5 to 10 pips profit per trade, so it can be an easy 25 or 50 pips per day.

Please log onto Twitter to see my daily trading. @KevinStrydom.

Best regards