Friday, 13 May 2016

Twitter + My Trades

Hey Folks,

Have not been on the blog this year. Even though I really wanted to. I had way to many personal issues.
Will try to post on Fridays & keep the blog going. Any ideas on how to make it more fun or exciting? 

The reason for my post:

Apparently my trades are on Twitter, @KevinStrydom

I have not checked it out, maybe let me know what you think of them. It is done thru a 3rd party so I am not sure of their speed or accuracy. I trust it is good.

Keep in mind I grab 5 PIPs per trade, but sometimes I do take more, normally my trades do run up to about 20 PIPs profit (100c/150c on Gold), but that is at your discretion should you follow them.

Enjoy them while they are FREE!

A little picture to remember my reason!!!