Thursday, 5 November 2015

20151105 EURJPY

Hi Traders,

Shared my favourite system the last 2 days. Can see that it really is my old faithful.

So I thought I would share one of my other systems. I call it "Break & Bounce New", as there is a "Break & Bounce", which is awesome but I prefer the new one, more setups.

It is simple! We look for a bar that straddles the EMA or touches it. Then we confirm if that bar is a bull/bear bar? (The Purple circles). We then simply look at my indicator below to see if it agrees with the direction of the bar? 
We also agree that the blue line agrees with us? We enter then on the open of the Pink circled bar. We look for a 10 PIP move but it is normally 20 PIPs plus. So three Bull or three Bear "signs" & we have a go on the open of the pink circles! (Distance between blue-gray dashed line is 20 PIPs)

Really simple really awesome!

My other system I simply call "Arrow" is even more basic! Does the Arrow & Indicator from the 3rd Window below match? Green + Green = trade, Red + Red = Trade. Any other combo = no trade! We can see that the green Arrow matched the Green bar which we cant actually see, but we know it changed from green to red as we can see the red bar. So the next Arrow will have to be red for a trade. Even works when its choppy or ranging. Look for Orange circles. Schweeet!

I like using what they call Harami, I call it Engulfed bar setups as well which I trade in the same direction as my 1st window indicator. Simple fun & easy. No stress.

Lets go find some more!

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