Wednesday, 28 October 2015

20151028 GBPCHF

Good Day Traders,

One of my 3 trades for this morning!

20 Pip grab. 

Waiting for later, 1430 local time or 0830EST, when there will be some announcements from the US.

Lets do some more!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

20151027 GBPUSD Update

Hi Traders,

Update on the previous post.

I did close the trade for a pip count of 48.

In the picture below you will see that there is an orange horizontal line. On my D chart that is the low of a bar that straddled my main MA-type-indicator. Not only that but my other indicators show that there could be a move down. You know what they say if it looks, smell, taste like chicken it could be chicken!

I do not trade on the D charts but only on the M15 so I did exit the trade. Will keep an eye on this one, pretty sure it could be a pip count of 100 minimum. BUT you would have to be able to leave the trade untouched.

Lets go find some more trades!

20151027 GBPUSD

Hi Traders,

Did something different today entered a M15 trade based on what I saw on my D chart.

Normally I would have grabbed the 10 to 30 pips that this trade did this morning but I am going to let it run to see if it wont go further south?

According to my D chart price will fall further tomorrow.

Let's go find some more trades!

Monday, 26 October 2015

20151026 EURUSD

Hi Traders,

Been a lack luster day. Should pick up soon after the start of the "US Session".

Finally at peace with my strategies & pips I am making. Took time to "unclutter" my screens & strategies. Like having to part with family when I deleted some of my old indicators & strategies.

Finally ready to share them. Let me know if you are keen?

Had about 4 trades today, looking for another 4.

Have fun & make Pounds!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

20151013 NZDUSD

Hi Traders,

Awesome day for trading!

Hope you made a killing too?

Added a NZDUSD trade that I did. Dont trade the NZDUSD or AUDUSD that much, don't trust those pairs during my trading hours just like I will not trust a ref from those countries. Rugby joke.

From tomorrow I will be trading on the DAILY time frame too not just the M15.

Let's go find some more tomorrow morning!


Monday, 12 October 2015

20151012 GOLD

Hi Traders,

Took an early Monday morning trade.

Bank holiday in Japan, Canada & America BUT it has not been to bad. Hope it picks up after 1400 or 0800EST.

Notice my screens have changed. It has been a long year & now I am only focusing on 3 different setups on my charts.
3 Weeks left in October & 4 Weeks in November. I normally wing it in December as the kids & wife are home.

Lets go find more!

PS. Closed a nice long on EURJPY while I was typing this, kewl!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

20151007 GOLD

Hi Traders,

First update in about a month. Sorry...

Had a good month, changed my screen a bit. Out with the clutter & in with the smoother. Also decided to only focus on trades where I can have alerts with my indicators/setups. Can be tiring watching charts & missing trades. I never enter a trade late, don't like being late to a party or chasing waterfalls.

Very happy!

Here is to making many more pips. Such a busy morning, hope you got some of the action too.