Monday, 7 September 2015

20150907 GOLD

Hi Traders,

Another day where price might not do as expected. US Bank Holiday; Bank Holidays in US or big holidays in the UK or EU always has an effect on the market. Keep your trades tight & do not take risky trades. Have patience & that trade that you want to take will come along.

Not a bad trade considering the Bank Holiday. Only a few trades today. Will wait until a little bit later to see if we cant grab something closer to the end of day trades.

Looking forward to this week picking up. Looking forward to the ZAR weakening!

A thought for today... Why is it always the people who you do not want to spend time with that always want to make plans or will get upset when you cancel on them? Then you have to lie. I don't feel bad about the lie I have to tell them but the fact that honesty will be to much for them.

Lets go wait for another!

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