Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My Screen & Systems


I can hear all the traders say. "Your screen is to busy". "You should use Stop Levels". "To many indicators". I can hear all of their complaints. Noted & filed under, "It works for me".

Well I trade to make money. I don't expect to loose a trade. I use various systems which use various indicators. I hate flipping between templates or even time frames. So...... when I designed my systems I did it with this in mind & made sure I would get my trades per day that I needed without having to flip between templates or time frames.

I enjoy sitting at my screen from early to late. Probably because I dislike most people & I hate having to make small chat.

Currently I use the following systems- They all have 2 or 3  things in common, I guess. One indicator in common which gives me a valid trade from a fake trade.
  • Fractal
  • Pivot
  • PSAR
  • Second Bar
  • Purple
  • Engulf
  • Body Engulf
  • Bounce & Break
  • Lakota (name being changed to River Jetez)
I only trade on the following pairs-
  • Gold
  • Ger30
  • EurJpy
  • EurUsd
  • GbpUsd
  • GbpJpy
  • GbpChf
  • UsdDkk
  • UsdNok
  • NzdUsd
  • AudUsd
  • UsdZar (do not currently trade this pair as my broker is way to expensive with this pair but they make up for it with good spreads on the other pairs. Next to Gold & Ger30 UsdZar are my favourites. Easy predictable money.)
Leave a comment or email me if you would like to know more about my systems or perhaps the broker that I use or have used.

It is all about PATIENCE. Not predicting the price, letting the current price tell you the story.

Have fun making money!

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