Friday, 2 June 2017

Crazy Kewl Forex Signals

Hi Traders,

Sign up for my signals! R1000/$78 per month.

Trading from the 15M time frame you can expect profit of 5 to 25 pips per trade, during the EU session. You can receive your signal via Telegram or WhatsApp!

Send me a Telegram or WhatsApp now on +27814147128.

PS. From June 2017 the price will triple per month. Sign up in May to secure the low price for May, June & July 2017.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

My System

Hi Traders,

Using specific settings on a common indicator & showing you how to read it along with an indicator that maybe 8 people in the world have access to, making pips are just a matter of pressing buy or sell.

The last time my system will be on sale. My signals have already come to an end.

Here is to making the right choice!

Live a good life!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Crazy for this weekend only! 13&14 May 2017.

Hello Traders!

For this weekend only, make me an offer for my forex scalping system. Normally R5000/$375.

Email kevin9strydom@gmail. com
WhatsApp/Telegram +27814147128

Many thanks!

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Get Your Hands On Some Crazy!

Hi Traders,

Below is the system that I use! It is crazy easy & profitable!

It works on 5M, 15M, 1H, W, I stick to the pairs Gold, EurJpy, EurUsd... UsdZar... Ger30, about 13 pairs, during the EU session.
I simply enter on the 2nd new bar using my other indicator as key entry signal! I take profit in different ways. It cant be easier.

Have a look at the screen shots below. If you have never traded or have been trading making profit this system can only push you to better and easier profits!

Don't let this opportunity slip by, it is worth the very small investment. eMail me on or WhatsApp me on +27814147128.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

20161130 EURCAD


Really impressed with my trading of late.

Feel like sharing it & seeing many others be happy!

See me on Twitter @KevinStrydom!


Saturday, 19 November 2016

20161118 Gold



A look at my page setup below.

There are uncertainty about MT4's future. I really hope that the platform has a few years left. MT5 I am sure is ok (not what I have heard, 90% of traders dislike it) but the change from MT4 to MT5 will be expensive, time consuming & difficult to master. This goes for the traders & the brokers.

Here is hoping we get to enjoy MT4 for years to come.

Thank you for reading,

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Screen Shot

Hi Traders,

Happy 1st of September or Spring day for us the Southern Hemisphere!

I have not updated my Blog in yonks. Sorry for that! 
I really hate admin from keeping records of trades for tax to keeping track of expenses for tax to uploading a single picture, yip I am that anti-admin.

Life is great & God is great. Lets celebrate!!!

View my trades on Twitter. 
Keep in mind that I have been trying to convert my system into an EA but it has gone more along the lines of a small disaster.
Also had an issue with the service provider & broker logging me out the entire time from the service that updates my trades, but I am sure that has been resolved now.

Going to attach a screen shot of what I see on a daily basis. I have moved away from the 15M charts to focus more on the 1H charts, I feel it gives me more personal freedom & time to take trades. Less rushed than the 15M trades. Must be my old age.

Trading is not difficult. All it takes is practice & confidence.


Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Forex Systems!

Hello Folks!

I have decided that I will make my 4 systems available at a small fee, due to many people asking me to show them how I do it, I don't do "live coaching".

BUT I currently have one student. He will be my test piggy. If it is a success then I will take more students. Make it a weekend thing, maybe even try it thru Skype? 
BUT for the time being if you would like my systems then email me on

2 Systems focused on the Hourly bars & 2 Systems focused on the 15 minute bars.
We take 5 to 10 pips profit per trade, so it can be an easy 25 or 50 pips per day.

Please log onto Twitter to see my daily trading. @KevinStrydom.

Best regards

Friday, 13 May 2016

Twitter + My Trades

Hey Folks,

Have not been on the blog this year. Even though I really wanted to. I had way to many personal issues.
Will try to post on Fridays & keep the blog going. Any ideas on how to make it more fun or exciting? 

The reason for my post:

Apparently my trades are on Twitter, @KevinStrydom

I have not checked it out, maybe let me know what you think of them. It is done thru a 3rd party so I am not sure of their speed or accuracy. I trust it is good.

Keep in mind I grab 5 PIPs per trade, but sometimes I do take more, normally my trades do run up to about 20 PIPs profit (100c/150c on Gold), but that is at your discretion should you follow them.

Enjoy them while they are FREE!

A little picture to remember my reason!!!