Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Going Live! A step up!

Hey Traders,

Things have been going incredibly well & I know it is time to step things up!!

With Easter upon us & all that it brings & represent I want to do something good too.

What about a new beginning? What about taking a step forward? What about taking a chance?

If you had to take a chanced with me NOW, will you be able to handle the fun that comes from leveling up? Because you deserve better results, you deserve more money. Would you choose to level up or not?

I will be sharing my trades. I will open my services to 10 people only!! At $150 per month it is a bargain!!

email me:

All the best!!
Kevin Strydom

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Introduction. Must Read Before Doing Anything Further!!!!

Hi Traders,

Please remember Forex trading carry risk & you could loose your capital & past results does not mean it will happen now or in the future, gains or losses.

Practice your sound money management.

I will not accept any responsibility for gains or losses.

I simply inform you of trades I will take or have taken. It is your choice to follow or not. This is not education, investing advice nor is it my responsibility to baby you.

It is your choice to be here!!!!

eMAil me ( or web.Telegram (+27 81 414 7128) me to join the signals. They are free but will become a paid service at any time.

Educate yourself on Forex, money management & being secure online.

All the best!!!!

Kevin Strydom :-)